World Trading Machine


World Trading Machine began when a friend said to Chris she was learning how to trade. Chris asked her how long she had been studying for? She said "eight months" to which Chris replied, "do you know how to trade yet?" She said "no, not really".  He then asked her how much she was paying and she said 200 USD a month. So he said, ok "pay me what you're paying them and I'll teach you how to trade in 3 months". Needless to say when the 3 months were up his friend knew how to trade and actually started making money. Now, she wasn't an expert trader in 3 months but she definitely was competent. It was shortly after this that she encouraged him to start teaching others and referred several friends to him. This slowly evolved into what we now know as World Trading Machine. 

Chris's vision is not just a trading school but a community of people with like minded objectives. From  an interest in the revolutionary cryptocurrency financial model to personal development and an overall desire to elevate the consciousness of our collective experience.

Chris believes the future of culture and finance is decentralized. Decentralized communities centered around specific value judgements will be how society evolves. To this end, the "Machine" in world trading machine is the community, the community is the people pursuing a specific end of personal freedom, financial freedom, and freedom of mobility. By leveraging the power of community a group of like minded people can achieve their objectives in an expedited fashion. 

Chris has been a professional trader for 12 years trading forex, gold, oil, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Most of that time was spent alone  trading and honing his skills. Trading is a rather isolated endeavor that can be alleviated through community. Not only that, there is power in numbers. as Chris says " one hundred people watching one hundred charts is way more effective than one person watching one hundred charts. The more people looking, the more opportunities that can be found. More opportunity equals more financial gain ultimately".

Learning the right way the first time is extremely important. As Chris has seen all to well,  unlearning takes twice as long as learning the right way first. When neural pathways are established, these are like well travelled roads. They aren't overridden easily. It takes time to establish new ones.

Having studied psychology and how the mind works Chris knows how important the first impression is. How training the Reticular Activating System correctly makes for a better trader. The technical part of trading is only one component. There is the mental and emotional component as well. Being successful at trading and improving ones financial situation requires more than just technical proficiency. As Chris says " To be successful at anything you must first become the kind of person ( mentally and emotionally) who can be successful at anything". There is a lot going on in the subconscious that relates to not only trading but success in general. This community is dedicated to wealth creation and helping students become the best version of themselves in order to facilitate the transition from financial and personal struggle to success in all aspects of their lives. How you do one thing is how you do everything.