Course Outlines


This course is an introduction to DeFi (Decentralized Finance), it is  designed to give you an understanding of the overall crypto ecosystem and how to capitalize on it.

What you will learn: 

  • What cryptocurrencies are and why they have  value.
  • How to enter the crypto space and convert fiat currency to crypto.
  • How to store and transfer your crypto.
  • How to use the various centralized and decentralized crypto wallets.
  • How to use centralized exchanges.
  • How to use decentralized exchanges.
  • Banking Apps.
  • Crypto Credit Cards.
  • All about networks and blockchain.
  • How to use Network Explorers.
  • How to research and where.
  • How to create and manage a crypto investment portfolio.
  • How to invest in NFT's.
  • How to Stake to earn interest on your crypto.
  • Other passive income strategies like Launchpads, Airdrops, and Mining. 
  • Crypto and Taxes.
  • For those who aspire to be traders the Beginners Course introduces you to the first component of The Trilateral Trading Method© - Slow Trading.  Here you will learn trading basics like what a trading candle is, how to read a trading chart, basic Super Market ( Instituional) strategies, where and how to enter and exit. This is the foundation for understanding Algorithmic Order Flow Trading and essential for those who wish to explore Super Trading in the Advanced Course.

*If you have previous trading experience using indicators, support and resistance, trend lines, oscillators or trading patterns please note these are derivative constructs not taught at WTM.




This course expands on the tools, resources and concepts of the Beginners Course and will establish you as a well rounded DeFi specialist. It is a pre-requisite for Advanced Cryptocurrency: Super Trading.

What you will learn: 

  • Global Macro Economics in relation to cryptocurrencies.
  • On Chain Analysis.
  • Yield Farming strategies.
  • Liquidity Pools.
  • Cross-Chain Dex's
  • Arbitrage.
  • News Aggregators.
  • Crypto Calendars.
  • Crypto investment themes.
  • Borrowing and Lending crypto.
  • Trading tools to manage your portfolio.
  • Crypto and Social Media.
  • Research Components.
  • For those continuing their journey to becoming professional traders we have the second component of The Trilateral Trading Method© - Simple Trading. Here we expand on Slow Trading concepts exploring Price Expression, Super Market order flow, Zone Theory, Ratios, Recycling, Entries and Exits. Where Slow Trading involves trades from months to years Simple Trading involves trades of days, weeks and months in duration.












This course focuses solely on the Algorithmic Order Flow Trading of the Super Markets and is the final component of The Trilateral Trading Method© - Super Trading. 

What you will learn:

  • Super Trading is High frequency Trading on low time frames.
  • Trades last from 1 to 30 minutes.
  • The best broker for Super Trading Bitcoin.
  • The best broker for leverage trading alts.
  • Leverage and Margin.
  • Using multiple charts and time frames.
  • Market Cycles.
  • Thinking fractally.
  • Advanced Super Market concepts.
  • Advanced Take-Out Orders
  • Drive-Thru Orders.
  • Advanced Zone Theory.
  • Balance Delivery.
  • Advanced Entries and Exits.
  • Leverage trading on Dex's.

















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