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Suman Goyal

Investment Strategist | Crypto Trader

Chris is an awesome cryptocurrency coach. He simplified the complexities of the market and helped me become a proficient trader. If you want to be a cryptocurrency trader too, I highly recommend World Trading Machine.
Toronto, Canada
Jay T
Love the content! How you build on previous sessions and come back around to provide a clearer picture of the story the charts & markets are telling has been awesome! When I started, I had never looked at a chart myself. Now I'm beginning to understand a little more each time. Cool stuff! Can't wait to dive deeper.
Richmond Hill, Canada
Ian Wilson
The way you put the information together and the manner in which you delivered it is very effective. Very, very, very effective! You have a particular style and I think you have a gift for this. The lessons are easy to understand and made total sense to me.
Toronto, Canada